Andrew + Valerie || Engagement

This has to be my favourite session to date. From their choices of outfits to location, everything was pretty much perfect!! They’ve been together for 7 years and are planning on getting married next summer!

Thank you Andrew + Valerie!! Such a fun evening with you both!

Kyla + Mitch || Engagement

This has to be one of my favourite locations so far… about a year ago, this plane needed to make an emergency landing – conveniently across the field from our house… so naturally being a photographer… I tracked down the owner of the field and asked if I could do a shoot out there. His response was ” really? why would you want to do that ?! ” LOL! Well….. take a few minutes to scroll down and you’ll see why!!

Thank you Kyla + Mitch!! I wish you both ALL the best!! Had a blast hanging out with you guys for the hour!! Also for trusting my choice of location lol!! I promise, If I make you drive out into the middle of nowhere, it will be magical!!

Jon & Jess

So, I shot the most magical couples session last week! People tend to look at me funny when I tell them were meeting in the middle of nowhere and then venture off into a field lol! I have a love for shooting in natural light. Something about the way the evening sun illuminates anyones features, giving you a soft and glowy look. Heres a few favourites from this session!

Jess was doing an outfit change, when Jon turned to me and says you know.. this isn’t really my thing, but Jess loves it.. so I do it for her. ( MELT.) This guy deserves a metal. There needs to be more men like Jon out there. What a guy.
Thank you Jon & Jess for such an amazing session!! & for all the love below! So rewarding!
You guys are the sweetest!! Thanks so much!!